Code of Conduct

The BACHS choirs have a tradition of excellence and pride. It is up to each individual member to bring his or her personal best to each ensemble, in order to further that tradition. The foremost goal of the BACHS is to provide each student with the finest musical experience possible.  The directors believe that in each student there lies unlimited potential to achieve both individual and group goals. It is the realization of these goals through positive motivation that will insure the success of vocal music at BACHS.

Membership in a choral ensemble allows students to develop a love for music that will offer an opportunity to enrich your own musicianship as well as providing for social and personal growth based on teamwork and professionalism. The choirs are well known for their musicianship and for their contribution to the community through music. This is in part due to the hard work and enthusiasm of many talented and energetic students. It is through this commitment and cooperation that we will continue our tradition of choral excellence.

  • All Choir members must be punctual to rehearsals and performances.  If you are going to be late, please e-mail your director.
  • All Choir members should be respectful of the director and all other adults at all times.
  • Choir members must give their full attention to the director or anyone addressing the choir.
  • Choir members are to treat each another with respect.
  • Students who have continuous behavioral issues will be dismissed from the choir.  This is at the director’s discretion.
  • Remember to respect our facilities and rehearsal space.
  • ONLY water bottles are allowed in the rehearsal rooms.  NO sodas or other drinks are allowed in the rehearsal rooms.
  • All students agree to abide by by the Code of Conduct.