Next rehearsal – Oct. 26

All groups will rehearse on Wed., Oct. 26th at the usual times.

Butter Braid products will also be available for students / families to pick up.

  • Bring a cooler or thermal bag to keep product frozen for delivery.
  • Products will remain frozen for approximately 2-3 hours / and should be kept frozen and delivered frozen.

Fundraiser orders can be picked up Oct. 26 at 1:30 pm

Congratulations to all of students / families who made our fundraiser a GREAT success!!

  • 1st Place – Loseys
  • 2nd Place – Netzers
  • 3rd Place – Boston

ALL orders can be picked up on Wednesday, Oct. 26th at 1:30 pm just outside Room 300.

  • Evangelical Free Church  2910 E. Lincoln
  • Students should make efforts to deliver their Butter Braid products as soon as received.


Spring concert DVD is available~

New DVD’s of the 2016 concert program are available.

If you did not place an order and would like to, Contact Amy or Frank at:

ProVideo Productions

1317 W. Moss Ave.

Peoria, IL  61606


Cost:  $20 which includes shipping & handling.